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About Us

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Our Story

We have been selling nuts for years and are able to offer the freshest, tastiest nuts you will ever find.


99% of the walnuts consumed in the U.S and 75% consumed in the world come from California. Our walnuts are natural - we offer fresh nuts that have not been bleached, chemically pasteurized, or heated so that they retain all the flavor, taste, and nutrition Mother Nature intended. They are low-acid and unbleached so you will not get canker sores.

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We know the walnut growers and shellers who live in this area. We work with a walnut sheller who keeps nuts separate by variety and grower. This allows us to choose which orchard the walnuts come from resulting in purchasing the best. They are willing to work with us so that we can process the nuts that have the highest nutritional value and are more natural than you can find in any store.

We sell nuts that are this year's crop. We select the best tasting nuts from growers we know and trust. Our goal is to sell the BEST nuts possible. We work on this year round. We look for the best nuts and talk to many people in the nut industry throughout the country.  If we do not answer your email immediately we may be out looking for better quality nuts to sell. Please be patient with us, and we will continue to have the best quality nuts possible.

Thank you,

The Nut Hut

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